Working with Kids


After recently spending a day working with a group of, delightful, under 4 year olds, I was reminded of the joys of not having to do so on a regular basis.

Kids are funny for the most part. There is no greater struggle than that of parent and child. Typically when I want my 10 year old son to do something, he does the opposite. He thinks it’s funny when my face goes red and all pinch’y.

When they aren’t my kids, they are angels. They are the sweetest and cutest little humans and I am so excited to get to know them and be around them. Unless they are super annoying and then I’m pretty happy that I can just wave and say, “see ya”

This mini shoot featuring some pretty cute kids floral product was both fun and a bit sweaty. Rounding up these ankle bitters to get them to stand still long enough to take their photo, and not pull their head piece off was a workout. It was so worth it as I made five new little friends and I’m pretty sure I am their flower hero now.