Our Process

How It Works

Please fill out the inquiry form and we will send back a rough budget based on your list of requests. If we’re both aligned on budget and style, we’ll send over a full proposal that includes a mood board and color pallet. Your proposal will stay open for 10 days giving you an opportunity to respond with changes (a phone chat would be amazing at this time too) before we release your date. Once you are happy with your proposal, we will send over your investment cost and our contract. Once your deposit is paid and your contract is signed Bezaire Floral is officially all yours!

What Comes Next

We will check in three months prior to see if you have any changes or questions (I’m always around if you need me). 12 days prior we will do a final check-in. 10 days prior you will make your final payment. 7 days prior we will expect your itinerary for the day with confirmation of the address of the ceremony & reception and the phone number of the contact point person.

The Investment

Your wedding is a huge investment, whether you’re eloping on top of a mountain or getting married on a private estate with 150 guests. This investment, like any sizeable purchase, shouldn’t be taken lightly. We can’t control the rain or snow but we can deliver whimsical beautiful flowers.

Our flowers come from the best farms on the Island and Vancouver, these are not grocery store flowers or prices. What you could buy at Costco is not floral designer quality. Though Pinterest suggests it’s an easy DIY, it’s not easy. We have years of experience, multiple people, and all the correct tools. You don’t want to be standing on your feet two days before your wedding prepping and creating arrangements. If you do BEWARE, your nails will be a wreck, and your stress will be high. We want you to enjoy your friends and family who flew in a few days early or take the time to get a massage or enjoy a yoga class.

Friends in the Business

We work with a number of other businesses to make your special occasion perfect.