Wedding Testimonial from Miranda Kurucz

"I just had my wedding last week with Karen and the floral arrangement she created for me was sublime."

Not only did she nail the donkey and pony head pieces– and the bouquet– but when I turned the corner to see this floral arrangement I was awe struck.

It was such a relief to not have to be concerned on the day of our wedding– I trusted Karen’s expertise and professionalism and she showed up and did the install quickly and flawlessly.

Due to the location of the ceremony in regards to where I was getting ready, I wasn’t able to see the Arbutus arrangement until I turned the corner. It was a show stopper and beyond what I had anticipated. One of my favourite photos from the whole event was a candid shot of me reaching up and admiring it.

In the months leading up to the day Karen was open to any and all communication. As my wedding was a secret elopement I leaned on my vendors to take a secondary role as my wedding party in vetting questions and concerns for my overall day. Karen never missed a beat. I texted her a couple of locations for our alter and she was honest about her opinions and her experience on what she thought would be best. The Arbutus she chose was perfection.

It was a relief to be able to offer my thoughts and have someone else execute them into reality without pause. On the day of the wedding she came in like a lamb and worked like a lion. There was no fuss. It was professional and non intrusive to how busy everything else was. With hair, makeup, officiant, photography, and balancing a surprise act for getting my mom to show up without knowing why she was coming to the farm– there was lots to be focused on and stressed about and Karen was not any added stress at all. She got in and got out and left behind a huge positive impact on the day.

I am grateful for each of my vendors. I had a grand slam, out of the park, home run with every single one involved.

Throughout the process of organizing my wedding I also signed my mom up to receive bouquets from Karen’s subscription program. After positive dealings with her I wanted to support her business further. Every month my mom receives an exquisite bouquet with an explanation of the flowers and the farms involved in the creation of her floral arts. I have yet to stump her when asking questions like “what flower is this!?!” And sending random Pinterest pins. She knows her stuff!


Last minute … a couple of days before the wedding… I saw a flower I loved and mentioned it to her in passing… knowing that it didn’t really fit with my overall theme or scheme. Just to be like “Karen this flower is so gorgeous!!!!!!!!” One of many messages I sent to her like this.

She snuck it in as a secret treat for me on the back of my bouquet so I could see it and smile but in a spot where it wouldn’t have impact on the photos or look out of place in the flowers. It was a thoughtful and beautiful surprise.

I would recommend her fully and have attached pictures from my day.

For me, the Arbutus arrangement says it all and says it beautifully,

Congratulations and here’s to beautiful weddings and futures.  ❤🥂

Miranda Kurucz