The Wedding Flower Investment

Like many other couples, you may be experiencing sticker shock if you’ve recently learned about the price of wedding flowers. In fact, it’s often one of the biggest surprises during wedding planning.

In this post I seek to provide you with some quick information on why flowers are priced as they are and some budget friendly ways to stretch your dollar, and finally the difference between a $2,000 wedding floral budget and a $8,000 wedding floral budget.

First, flowers are a perishable living organisms and require a lot of attention and careful handling. In the summer months I am blessed to be able to purchase locally grown blooms however some blooms still need to be shipped to where I live, I need to process each set of blooms to ensure freshness and longevity. I do this because I care about the quality of work I create for each of my clients and believe that every couple deserves only the best for the biggest day of their lives.

There are three key things that I factor when pricing my work: design elements, location, and bloom selection. My designs are non-traditional and modern. They have a wild but beautiful style that is appreciated. My products and tools are also top-of-the-line quality; the mechanics are environmental and the flowers are the best. I spend many hours taking special care of each variety of flower, ensuring they are kept at the right temperature, and that each stem is processed correctly.

Ways to make a budget stretch is to focus on a statement piece. Often a statement piece is an arch however an arch can come in many different designs. It can be a collection of pillars with large vases that can be repurposed in the reception. It could also be a spray piece on a conventional arch that can later be removed and reused on the head table. Another money saver is opting for greenery on your guest tables or simple bud vases; it’s a great way to save on your budget and focus the funds into the bridal bouquet and that main statement piece.

The differences between a $2,000 wedding and a $8,000 wedding are:


A custom designed Bridal bouquet with hand dyed silk ribbon, along with matching bridesmaid bouquets (three), Groom’s boutonniere along with his groomsmen, a gorgeous statement arch piece, and finally pretty bud vases for the guest tables (25)

Photos by Sarah Thomas Photography

Venue: Golland Harbour, Quadra


A custom designed Bridal bouquet with hand dyed silk ribbon, along with matching bridesmaid bouquets (6), Groom’s boutonniere along with his groomsmen. An incredible  statement arch piece, isle arrangements, hanging arrangement over the head table in reception, metal cuff bracelets for the Mothers and Grandmothers, flower crowns for flowers girls, fresh flowers for the wedding cake, beautul guest table arrangements,  and your lead florist there on site to transition any pieces from ceremony to reception, ensuring a seamless beautiful day.

Photos by Paramount Wedding

Venue: Keating Farm, Duncan, BC