Celebrating Candian

Flower week

July 16th-July 22nd,2020


Enduring Covid-19 for four months back in July 2020 definitely left me feeling like I needed an opportunity to expand my creativity. I felt really inspired seeing couture dresses online and fashion designers using form and textured textiles to create beautiful gowns. I was inspired to design something of my own. Although I’ve never sewn and I’ve never made a wearable flower structure before I was excited to try. I asked my good friend Kailli from Dancing Dandelion Farms in Duncan if she wanted to help. Kailli grown such gorgeous flowers and I’m constantly obsessed with her varieties and quality of blooms. Natalia from Ingrid Rose is another good friend of mine. The most thoughtful and gentle soul you will ever meet, along with being an incredible talented florist herself. I also asked Natalia to model. She is also drop dead gorgeous. I made a circle wire frame for the skirt and backed it with some soft fabric along with a halter top. The day before the shoot the three of us got together (6 feet apart) and started adhering all of Kailli’s beautiful flowers to the frame. It was a process but the end result was pretty exciting. I also made an outrageous head piece, cuff bracelet and necklace that went with the flower dress. There really isn’t anything better than creating with your friends and having the most fun. We are so grateful to Shantina Rae Photography for capturing it all so beautifully.